RDS - Responsible Down Standard

Downs and features impress with their unbeatable characteristics, they store heat, and are breathable, light and durable.
Grüezi bag only uses downs of the highest quality, so our products give off comforting heat for many years to come.

Grüezi bag will only be using RDS-certified downs and feathers from 2019 onwards.


The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is a voluntary and independent standard that is valid worldwide, launched by Textil Exchange and certified by independent institutions. At this present moment in time, it is the most stringent standard in down industry. RDS’s objective is to ensure duck and geese treatment that is kind to animals.

Every step in the supply chain is checked by an external certification body. Only products with 100% certified downs and feathers are permitted to use the RDS logo.


This certification ensures that every station in the supply chain is subject to stringent checks – from the breeding farm to the warehouse. This is how complete traceability is ensured, and you know exactly where every single batch of downs comes from.

With the RDS Certification,Grüezi bag guarantees that no methods that abuse animals are used, such as live feather plucking and force feeding. The animals that are the source of our downs are kept in species-appropriate conditions. Only downs and feathers that are left over from food production are used. No additional animals need to be slaughtered for our sleeping bags

The Grüezi bag brand has made a pledge to ensure sustainable and responsible down and feather procurement.

You can look up the RDS’s exact criteria and find more information here.