Sleeping Bag Storage

Our tips for sleeping bag care should extend the life of your sleeping bag. We want you to enjoy your Grüezi bag sleeping bag for a long time by taking a few simple precautions such as proper sleeping bag ventilation or proper storage.



The most important thing is to store the sleeping bag loosely and airily – so either hanging freely or in a roomy storage bag. It should never be kept in the compression bag or in the sleeping bag compartment of your rucksack.


While travelling, shake, dry and ventilate your sleeping bag as often as possible. This is particularly important for down and wool sleeping bags.


Simply stuff the sleeping bag into the packing bag, do not roll it up! If you roll it, the sleeping bag always gets bent in the same places, so just stuffing it in is better for the material. It also fits more easily into the packing bag when stuffed.(However, it should only stay in the packing bag when it is being transported, otherwise store it open.)


A sleeping bag should be washed as little as possible. There are special down detergents for down sleeping bags (also suitable for synthetic fibre sleeping bags). Washing synthetic fibres with a suitable down detergent may improve their bushiness.

It is better to use a commercial launderette with sufficient large machines and drying facilities to wash your down sleeping bag due to its bulkiness and the drying process it needs. Some launderettes also offer dry cleaning for down articles.


In order to keep the zip running smoothly for a long time, it should be rubbed from time to time either with wax (normally intended for waterproofing clothing) or graphite (e.g. with a pencil).